KI PRO SCV1 ATV - Android 7.1.2 ( Android Tv Version )

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

تم اصدار روم معدل للـ KI PRO تم تعديله من طرف superceleron
 اعتمد فيه على السفتوير الاخير الصادر بتاريخ 30 10 2017
اصبحت الان النسخة متكاملة وكل خصائص الاندرويد تيفي شغالة واستطعت حتى الرجوع الى نسخة اليوتيب القديمة...
  google cast شغالة و twrp منصب يكفي لترويته اطفاءه ووضع ابرة يقلع عليه ومن ثم ننصب SuperSU 
 اضاف خاصية لغلق التطبيقات المفتوحة تطبيق dtv باخر اصدار اوسكام 11390 ....

وهذا كل ماتم تعديله واضافته ...

Changelog V1:
  • Based on latest ota 20171030
  • Cleaned lots of stuff...
  • Added TWRP
  • It should have a better cpu usage/ram.
  • Cpu temp should also be better.
  • Unrooted ( Yes now you can install magisk or whatever you use to root, use the included "Update" app to flash it! )
  • General optimization and how the ram is used, should better now.
  • Permissions fixed.
  • Double press on Home button bring the APP Switch Menu ( App Kill Menu)
  • Status bar Auto hide ( Dont ask for Navigation bar because you wont get it )
  • Working ATV google remote control!
  • Install Netflix Android TV version from store...
  • Netflix FHD Android TV app, install from Playstore ( Only on L1 boxes, on L3 ones is needed to sideload the mobile version and of course it will be limited to SD only )
  • Netflix 5.1 Sound ( Needs testing since i don't have a way of testing it )
  • 4k Youtube support!
  • Updated DTV App to the latest one.
  • FTMC Build 31.
  • Some audio mods ( Needs Testing )
  • Settings menus working ( VPN can be added... )
  • Added lots of Kl's
  • initd.d support.
  • Added google cast, ( Will only work with youtube... )
  • Xbox360 wireless Gamepad, original and Chinese clones?! ( well it works with my clone adapter... )
  • PS3/PS4 gamepad support(only with cable...)
  • Added Dragonrise USB HID game controllers.
  • Optimized some animation stuff!
  • And other little stuff...
  • And of course all the other ATV mambo jambo...
الصور من جهازي بعد التمرير ...


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